Black Lives Matter Resources for Allies

Our social media feeds have gone back to normal and the news cycle is returning to pandemic programming. If you're like us, you're wondering what can be done to keep the momentum going in the fight against racial injustice. Below are eight approaches in which allies can get involved and stay involved. EducationRead books and... Continue Reading →

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10 Fall Jackets for 2020

Fam! It's been a while but we are back just in time for fall! It's a glorious time of year, between the outdoor activities, the beautiful fall colors, pumpkin spice lattes and heavier fabrics. And for fans of wineries and beer gardens, it's the perfect climate for day drinking. With layering season upon us, it's... Continue Reading →

Spring Trends: #PhasePurple

You probably noticed that for the past month I've been featuring purple on my feed. With flowers blooming, warmer days and holidays like Easter and Memorial day, lavender and lilac just seem to fit the mood! I have enjoyed sticking to color themes on the gram. It not only looks nice on my feed but... Continue Reading →

Review: Mack Weldon Lounge Wear

Continuing the theme of staying indoors, Mack Weldon offers everything you need to stay comfy and cool while in the house. In essence, the brand covers all the bases of lounge wear, from sweatpants to polos to socks and underwear. As I discussed in the last post, our wardrobes are changing now that most of... Continue Reading →

Review: Beard Care Kit by Modern Male

Welcome back, friends! Time and time again we get asked about beard care tips and a blog post has been long overdue. Our friends at Modern Male Barbershop gave us the perfect opportunity to come through by providing us with a few their most popular - and effective beard care products. Products in review: Charcoal... Continue Reading →

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