Whiskey Tasting Recap

Friends! So much has changed over the past month. It has only been close to four weeks since our last meetup but the event feels much more meaningful and nostalgic as we look back from where we stand today.

Yes, I have taken quite a while to get the photos ready but hopefully the delay helps you see our time together in the same way that I do.

We would love to thank Founding Farmers again for their hospitality and partnership for the whiskey tasting. Farmers provided guests with complimentary tastings of their American whiskey, rye whiskey, amaro liquor, vodka and a few mixed drinks. Appetizers were also provided and the wings seemed to be the most popular.

The event also would not have been possible without our vendors! We were joined by our great friends at Minessentials (@minessentials_), Royal Soul (@royalsoul.inc) and One.100 Up (@One.100up), who helped make the tasting happen.

And of course, all of our friends, our online and in-real-life followers made the event such a fun and fulfilling time. Philly Gents is about community as well as fashion and in these times, we truly realize how important our individual connections are with one another.

I hope everyone is saying healthy and making smart decisions out there. Sad to say it, social situations like our meetups need to be put on hold until it is safe to return to business as usual. I guess that just means you have more time to read our articles in the meantime!

Much love,

-Steve & the Philly Gents

…. Hopefully you’re still here! Check out the photos in the slideshows below for some of the highlights.

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