Review: Beard Care Kit by Modern Male

Welcome back, friends! Time and time again we get asked about beard care tips and a blog post has been long overdue. Our friends at Modern Male Barbershop gave us the perfect opportunity to come through by providing us with a few their most popular – and effective beard care products.

Products in review:

  • Charcoal beard soap bar
  • Vanilla bourbon beard oil
  • Vanilla bourbon beard balm


The Modern Male team has been around for a while and over the years, they have crafted their products with natural ingredients to deliver fantastic results. The soap is an effective cleanser and includes moisturizing elements. The oil and balm keep your beard hydrated and soft while not leaving behind buildup or gunk. My favorite item was the beard cream since it hydrates, heals and holds my beard in place so well.

Read on to learn more about the ModernMale brand and their products!


The Modern Male Story

I’ve known the guys at Modern Male barbershop in Sellersville, Pennsylvania for years and it’s been awesome watching their shops expand and grow. They opened their first shop in 2008 with just two chairs with the goal of helping guys become the best version of themselves. Now they have several locations, a line of hair care and beard products, and a barbershop academy for aspiring barbers to get trained and certified.

My barber, Vinni cut my hair for years until I moved out of the area and we still stay in touch. A barber is not only a great resource but also a friend. I had no idea how to grow or maintain a beard but my barber helped me figure it all out. We built up trust over the years, sharing ideas and honing what I wanted my hair to be. If you’re near any of their locations, you should definitely check them out once the quarantine is over.

The Products

Much like most things in life, a beard requires care and maintenance. If it gets too dry, it breaks and if it isn’t cleaned, well, it’s just gross.

Modern Male sent me a few items to keep things in check: a bar of their beard soap, beard oil and beard balm. While their products already come in different fragrances, they are introducing their latest scents musk and vanilla bourbon. Being the bourbon guy I am, I opted for the latter.

All of their products are made of natural ingredients. Their beard soap includes coconut, oil, olive oil and shea butter, all of which are great for strengthening and locking in moisture, as well as charcoal and dead sea mud which purify and cleanse your beard and the skin underneath. The beard oil includes all sorts of plant-based oils that provide a lingering moisturizing effect and is infused . And the beard cream consists of a good amount of shea butter plus many of the same plant-based oils as the beard oil.


After a week of use, I rate all of their products with high marks. The soap is gentle yet highly effective at removing dirt and oil. I recommend using once or twice a week, depending on how dry or oily your beard and chin feel and adjust accordingly.

The beard oil and cream each hydrate, protect and heal your beard, helping your beard grow while preventing breakage. I recommend deciding on one moisturizing product between the two of them. I use a hair dryer to tame my beard and personally, the beard cream worked better with the harsh heat and provided greater hold and control. Many people prefer an oil for their beard maintenance so it really comes down to preference.

So, all three products worked wonders and smelled fantastic. If you’re looking to up your beard game, give Modern Male’s products a try!

PS – in case you missed it, use code FASHION25 when shopping at for 25% off your purchase!

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