PhillyGents and Friends present #StayAtHomeStyle: What to wear while indoors

Greetings, friends! So much has changed in the course of a few months. COVID-19 has upended our routines, plans, how we work and how we socialize.

Employers are likely to continue to keep people home and many schools are already committing to virtual classes in the fall. Quarantine life has become the new normal and since it’s here to stay, I’d say it’s time to update our wardrobes accordingly!

That’s why I teamed up with a few of my friends across the U.S. to share our take on #StayAtHomeStyle in this new environment. We have provided a few of our favorite looks that cover relaxing, zoom calls and everything in between.

Read on to see how my friends from east to west coast have embraced #StayAtHomeStyle in their own words!

David K (@Threadability)

Hi, My name is David Komisarchik and I run a menswear and lifestyle blog called Threadability. I share outfits and tips on how to develop style confidence and step into your personal bold style. Your style isn’t just about the clothes you wear, it’s about how you feel in them and why you chose them. I like to talk everything that goes into how you present yourself on a daily basis. We dig deep and have real conversations!

When I think style post-quarantine, I envision people putting more emphasis on how they feel in what they’re wearing and their actual relationship with their style. During this time we’ve been figuring out what makes us most productive and it’s probably not being stuffed into uncomfortable clothes. I hope to see more people exploring their personality in their style and figuring out what feels good to them. I hope “dress codes” also become more relaxed to encourage that.

Check out Threadability on Youtube, Instagram, Pintrest and Facebook!

Chris Burns (@ChrisBurnStyle)

Hi! My name is Chris Burns, and I am a Men’s Clothing Consultant at Rodes for Him in Louisville, KY. I have worked in men’s fashion and styling for 7+ years! I have a passion for menswear, and I love building relationships with people to help find their ideal style profile. My girlfriend Leah and I also work in social media marketing, helping small businesses develop marketing strategies for an ever increasingly digital world.

The current pandemic has left us all in an unfamiliar place, particularly when it comes to our style and/or work dress code. WFH style has become a staple of our everyday lives. I myself approach it two different ways: 1) Business casual with flair. This can include a deconstructed blazer with a bold patterened dress shirt, fun accessories, or both! 2) True casual wear – typically a solid polo shirt and the comfiest pair of jeans available. Both of these approaches allow me to maintain professionalism and help me stand out on all those video calls, yet remain nice and comfy while staying safe at home.

Here are a few of my favorite homebound essentials:

Steve Cassano (@WhatIsAGent)

Hi everyone! My name is Steve Cassano and I am an ex-cyber security consultant turned fashion consulting entrepreneur. Using my passion for men’s style and my expertise in data analytics I started my business What is a Gentleman to help guys better understand their wardrobes by using data visualization and personalized metrics reports. I’m a Philly guy at heart and have finally returned home after years in NYC and DC. In normal times you’d likely find me working in a coffee shop, where I hosted 1on1 coffee hours (and will again), or out walking around the city with my camera.

During these COVID times, I find myself wearing a lot more athleisure so I can go for spontaneous runs or workout whenever I need a mental break. But generally, I still put on jeans or chinos while I work to give myself a sense of normalcy. Nowadays, my trips to the grocery store garner a chance to get dressed up as if I am going out to dinner and simple walks around town now seem to require a premeditated outfit. While I’m no longer dressing to the 9’s, I’m still dressing to at least the 6s or 7s because, as I like to say “Confidence is how you feel about yourself, not how other people view you. And I want to look good, even if it’s just for me.”

Rashad (@Mrrlittle)

Rashad Little, known on social media as @Mrrlittle, is a Men’s Fashion blogger based in Seattle, Wa. He also runs a YouTube and Tik Tok page centered around Men’s Fashion as well.

Originally from inner city Philadelphia, Pa, Mrrlittle grew up heavily into streetwear which was heavily influenced by hip hop culture. Within the last few years Mrrlittle has transformed his style into a what he refers to as, ‘Casual Fly’, which is a fashion mix between dapper, street, and casual.

Mrrlittle plans to continue to make content for the sole purpose of inspiring men to take more pride in their image, which will inevitably improve their outcomes in life.

Steve (@TheFashionAdmin)

Okay fam, I am back to wrap up the show! Overall, I am seeing lots of people embracing softer fabrics and layers that you would wear after work or on Sunday mornings. Fortunately, we no longer have to sacrifice style for this type of comfort!

Between work and downtime, I’ve been embracing joggers and casual jackets. Occasionally, I will still rock a blazer during a video conference with my coworkers. The grey joggers featured above are my fav at the moment and the twill bomber adds structure to my skinny physique without compromising on comfort.

Thanks for tuning in! Please follow my friends on the gram and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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