Review: Mack Weldon Lounge Wear

Continuing the theme of staying indoors, Mack Weldon offers everything you need to stay comfy and cool while in the house. In essence, the brand covers all the bases of lounge wear, from sweatpants to polos to socks and underwear.

As I discussed in the last post, our wardrobes are changing now that most of our time is being spent at home. Between working from home, completing projects around the house, or trips to the grocery store, we now demand more from our lounge wear than we have before.

Additionally, it’s important to wear clothes that express who you are and reflect your personal style. For years, lounge wear meant baggy sweatpants, oversized hoodies and worn-out t-shirts. Thankfully, lounge wear has adapted with our needs in providing stylish threads that also provide solid performance.

The Products

Mack Weldon is at the forefront of elevated lounge wear and casual wear, and many could argue they got here first. They are based in NYC and use certified ethical manufacturing practices throughout their supply chain. On their website, they have an “Our Story” page that really goes into the details of their mission and their products. Check it out if you have time to learn more!

Featured in this look: the Everyday socks in blue heather and crew neck tee in white

The Review

I had the opportunity to review several gifted products, including two crew neck tees, two pairs of the “Everyday” socks and the “Ace” shorts. I had already purchased Mack Weldon’s Ace sweatpant so I knew what I was getting into. The tees not only look fresh and crisp, but they also are extremely breathable and comfy. The same goes for their socks, which offer superior moisture wicking and hold up well to a day’s wear. The socks have some cool designs and colors as well, which as you know for me is a key factor in itself!

For the Ace sweatshorts, I loved the color and like their sweatpants, they are super comfortable and perform well. The fabric of their pants is so stretchy but unlike typical sweatpants, they retain their shape and hold up to wear. The breathable fabric is really something to be admired as you could sleep in these without overheating. I am not a big shorts guy in general (more of a personal preference) but I will be wearing these at home as we move into the summer months.

Featured: the Everyday socks in diagonal blue stripes and pocket tee in cactus green

One final perk I will mention is their loyalty program. The more you spend, the more rewards you can earn. They also have discounts and sales from time to time, so if you’re on the fence, at least subscribe to their newsletter to stay informed.

Below are a few of my picks that I think you should check out!

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